The flower and floral event business is very individualistic.

At Joseph & Sons Inc. we have developed a number of different purchasing options to accommodate the different needs and preferences of our customers.
Our three locations are known for the rich and fertile growing conditions. This, coupled with favorable year-round temperatures, ensures a steady and consistent supply of locally grown fresh cut flowers and greens. Our packaging and flower preparation is highly developed allowing us to offer a 100% quality and freshness guarantee.


We have three locations. Santa Paula, Lompoc and Imperial Valley. These locations carry an open inventory, maintain regular business hours and are staffed by experienced floral personnel. You can place wholesale flower orders in person, over the phone, via fax or email. Orders can be picked up or delivered.


Our shipping department services floral professionals who are not in proximity to one of our physical locations but desire access to a wide variety of top quality floral product. Our shipping department also provides traveling florists and event planners with exquisite flowers delivered to their venue from a known and trusted source.


Wholesale flower orders can be placed for box lots. In box lots you are offered flower varieties in a specified quantity. Orders are placed for next day shipping up to 4 days out. Different shipping options are available for wholesale flowers.